viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Jesse Bransford

Jesse Bransford es un autor norteamericano bastante peculiar; aquí, uno de mis trabajos basado es su estilo.

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  1. que chuliii juan,este lo hicistes para asuncion??podrias hacer mas del estilo e ir profundizando a ver que sale. eliiiiiiii tu vecinaa

  2. Anónimo6/1/11 16:18

    Perdon, no habla espanol. But I had to comment. thinking about this piece as an emulation of style, you've combined aspects of my old and newer work to an interesting effect. When I would try to use the black/hard lines on the washes I was/am almost always dissatisfied. Something about the way color creates space I think. The circle in the lower left quadrant of this piece saves the composition in my opinion. Wondering what flower on the left means, looks like it is turning into musical notation... The work you are most clearly quoting, "Flowering" is part of a body of work about an ayahuasca experience I had in Peru in 2007.

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